Welcome, my name is

Sam Hopkins

I'm a Software Engineer from Seattle, WA

About Me Resume

Who I Am

A recent graduate from the The University of Chicago. Originally from the Bay Area. My passions are technology, programming, design, music, crossfit, mma and surfing in no particular order. My dream is to make a career out of any combination of these. If you think you have a job or task I might be right for, or you just want to chat, please feel free to contact me.


Beats By Andrey

An experiment on the randomness of lyrics. One part web crawler one part Markov chain text generator. Built with Django, hosted on Heroku

UChicago Classes Beta

A single page application that Improves on the UChicago classes search portal by eliminating page loads and enabling filtering by multiple departments and class time. Also includes a mock schedule visualizer. Built with Node.js, hosted on Heroku.

Just Visiting

A single page location based application built with node.js. Makes it easier to find points close to your location. Hosted on aws elastic beanstalk.

XFit Utility

An iOS app that includes an interval timer in addition to a max weight percentage calculator and graphing of max weight progression over time


A simple script to be run as a chron job that dims the users display for 30 seconds every 20 minutes to remind the user to take a break from staring at the screen.


A python module that will scrape Surfline.com for wave forecast data and send text message alerts with surf conditions if they are favorable.

HTTP Logger

A node app built as part of an interview process. Graphs HTTP requests made to the server on 10 second intervals. Notifies user if request frequency crosses a variable threshold for the current 2 minute window.


An Instagram insight and outreach service.

Work Experience


Software Engineer
  • Currently working on Cortana for Windows 10.


Software Developer Intern
  • Worked on BuildZoom.com as a full stack developer.


Full Stack Developer
  • Designed and implemented content management system and blog for capriasolutions.com
  • Increased mobile friendliness for the site to 95% from below 70%.

Belvedere Trading

Software Engineer Intern
  • Built and certified a market data gateway in C/C++ for the ICE exchange. Reduced latency by 20% from the previous third party solution.
  • Designed and built a browser based GUI to visualize and solve trader connections during critical periods before market open.

Technical Skills

Programming fundamentals are immutable, whereas applications of programming languages change daily. Instead of an arbitrary self assessment of language "proficiency" I have choosen to display a more meaningful metric. Namely, what languages I use when I program and with what frequency.